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Country Quips for City Chicks

All I ever really wanted was to be a cowgirl; no  mind that I grew up in a concrete block apartment in the city. The longer I live, and the more experience I have in the  rural community where I have settled, country “sayings” are starting to make more sense.

Tim-catching-beesYesterday I was so excited when Tim Lindley, a Bond County Illinois bee keeper knowing of my interest in keeping bees,  called  to tell me he had a swarm.  Was I interested? Absolutely! Tim had been contacted to remove a swarm of  feral bees clustered  in a local dairy farmer’s tree and they could be mine if  I wanted!  Here’s Tim up on the tractor lift gently coaxing them into a nuc box.

Before you know it, with Tim’s expertise they were safely ensconced  in my top bar hive back at  home. All afternoon I would go out and watch them, in awe of   the noisy,  rich and vibrant HUMMMM of hundreds of bees. I could hardly believe I had them!!! BUSY AS A BEE HIVE, was my new bee hive.bees inside hive

This misty Sunday morning, first thing I did was pop out of bed and mix more sugar/water to feed the bees and headed outdoors.  Where yesterday  was a hive raucous with new bees, I saw just a few lone stragglers and the hive was eerily quiet.  I lifted the lid where I could see the outer chamber I was keeping the sugar water in.  There was only a bee or two feeding. I’ve read that you can’t predict if bees will stay at your place, but I still felt  a HUGE sense of disappointment.  Don’t count your eggs before they hatch, my little mind said to me.  I really get that saying now.

I went back inside and left Tim a phone message, feeling very apologetic since gathering up a swarm is no small task: ” The bees are gone,” I told him.  “I had the entrance facing west. Should I have turned the hive in another direction?”

I called him back and left a second message:  “No, I Did have the entrance holes facing East, so they would have gotten morning sun.  That’s the right way to do it right?”

An hour or two later  I called him back a third time and this time Tim answered.    “GUESS WHAT?!” I said.  “I DO still  have the bees!” They were  there now buzzing and floating everywhere.  Tim explained that if it’s overcast in the morning, bees  just might not move around much.

sleeping-bee3I am so amused to learn that  even bees prefer to sleep in on rainy Sunday mornings!