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Step by Step Portrait

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Bust is finished in Museum White Advertisements


Each spring when I am planting annuals in my garden, I hate that moment when I must behead the new plantings. You know what I mean if you garden.

Deadheading of blossoms must be done to allow energy to be turned to root production and the development of a multi-branched plant. I know this, but plucking off the beautiful flower heads goes against all my instincts for instant gratification.

Did you know that in the production of a portrait bust in clay there is a similar painful moment?

When sculpting of the clay likeness is completed, it must be sliced in half, hollowed out, and seamlessly put back together. This hollowing out step is absolutely necessary or the piece would explode in the kiln while being fired. What a vulnerable moment though!  Weeks or even months of work could be lost in this moment.

But it’s worth it. In the end the work will be finished as lovingly as a well tended flower bush.

(portrait photo courtesy: Statue.com)

You, Ms. Steph…

Ms. StephYou have a beautiful face Ms. Steph.  I really like that you color your hair a similar color as your eyes!

If I were to create your portrait in clay, I would definitely emphasize your peek-a-boo haircut, and I would work hard with the final finish color to capture the rich tone of that hair and  your striking, almost auburn eyes.  The shape of your lips is a lovely feature that I would play up also.

Personality?  Well yes, a lot of it, thank you very much! Tough girl, brave girl, animal lover, musician, good cook, survivor, smart, capable, energetic, dedicated, spirited, a little bit of trouble, a whole lot of nice.  There would be a wealth of internal information to work with in creating a portrait of you!

It sure is fun to know you, Steph. Thanks for letting me share your face.

Fragile Flossie

I live near a beautiful cemetery that is edged on three sides by untamed woods.  I decided since it was so lovely this afternoon I would take a walk and search the edges for wild berries.  Along the way I found this striking portrait of Flossie on an oval,  gravestone cameo.  Cemetery Portrait

Dear Flossie, her delicate face, made all the more touching by the damage to her porcelain cameo.  What lovely memorials are these gravestone images.

Though Flossie has been buried now for almost 100 years, there is something about her spirit that continues to shine in this portrait.

As far back as 100 B.C. the Roman Egyptian culture at Fayum was painting grave portraits of distinctive individual persons.  These are not just generic faces, but  portraits  like Flossie’s,  which give us a glimpse into the life of one man, one woman, one child. 348px-Portrait_du_Fayoum_02

In this portrait of a young woman we see unique characterisitcs: the rather large ears, and  a love for jewelry displayed.  We can imagine that in death she has been painted wearing her very favorite earrings.

A portrait bust without a  spark of life is not complete.  This spark is the very essence of what I seek to find, to create,  as a portrait sculptor  working with  their clay material. I will be happy to work with you to create a very special and spirited custom bust.

Commission A Candle

You Imagine it BestAt Sculpted Portrait we are offering a UNIQUE & REASONABLE  service!

Does your church make use of the beautiful light of many candles?  Have you considered honoring the life of your parish saint by giving them form as one of these flickering candles?   We could design this for you, and cast them in pure botanical waxes.  What a special & unique gift these hand made candles would make!

Does your school have a special theme, event  or mascot that could be promoted in a smashing! new way  through custom designed candles?

Could your wedding be made even more memorable with personal candles designed just by you?



   Face of the Virgin MaryA lilt, a tip of the head, a curve,  a sway…… these gestures give sense of life to something as humble as this gentle Virgin  candle.Virgin, back view



The ancient sculptural technique of the contropposto stance, the sense of the figure shifting its weight to one leg, imbues a feeling of both movement, grace, and relaxation to the human form.

Gesture is everything in portraiture.Three Quarter view

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“Till we have faces”

As a portrait sculptor,  I suppose it is a bit ironic that some of my favorite pieces of figurative art do not have faces!  The Venus of Willendorf is powerful because her lack of a face points directly to her role as any-woman, earth mother, fecundity personified.

How exciting was the news today that another very early  fertility statuette has been found! Dating back some 35,000 years ago, this may well be the earliest known sculpture that depicts a human.

Yahoo news, May 13, 2009

Yahoo news, May 13, 2009

Where her head would be is an eyelet instead, which suggests it might have been worn as a necklace or amulet. Somehow it’s ok that she doesn’t have a head.

I am  struck yet again, when I ponder these ancient little figurines,  that we are all of us indeed  simply “specks of sand, dust in the wind,” and yet  at the very same time  each profoundly special.  How can we be both? Just ask a portrait sculptor. So individually unique are our faces!