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“The Statues”

The Statues by William Butler Yeats
dream statue

Pythagoras planned it. Why did the people stare?
His numbers, though they moved or seemed to move
In marble or in bronze, lacked character.
But boys and girls, pale from the imagined love
Of solitary beds, knew what they were,
That passion could bring character enough,
And pressed at midnight in some public place
Live lips upon a plummet-measured face. ~

The statue at left is a lovely lady that I have sculpted, soon to be cast as a candle. What fun to have a nude candle!

I am currently preparing the piece to be molded. CHECK BACK SOON for the finished product.


The Sacred Heart

sacred-heart-tinI was born and raised a Protestant girl, but I have been drawn for many years now to the touching symbolism of the Sacred Heart.  According to Wikipedia:  “The Sacred Heart is a religious devotion to Jesus‘s physical heart as the representation of divine love for humanity.”

As a novice beekeeper I have been intrigued with the shape of the natural honeycomb that bees build.  It reminds me of the Sacred Heart!  comb from the Barefoot Beekeeper

Soon I will make available candles cast in a natural mixture  of beeswax and soy.  The first candle beeing offered is the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  It only seems fitting to me.   Here is a glimpse of the clay prototype, nearly completed. Please check back  for the finished product!  It will be available in both Natural and Detailed Colors.


Diary of a Would-be Bee Keeper

DaffodilFor years now I have been finding small ways to combine my two biggest passions: making things, and the garden.  I have  grown living wreaths, crafted baskets out of vines from my local woods, sculpted topiaries out of herbs, day-dreamed of weaving trailing plants into fine “earthen rugs”, obsessively photographed field upon field of corn, soy and wheat, and lately I’ve been thinking of taking up bee-keeping.

It didn’t help that I saw and loved the movie The Secret Life of Bees, but in the end I rented the movie because I’ve been interested in bees for a long time now.   When my good friend Lena from Ireland was telling me about her childhood experiences casting candles at  catholic school in Belfast,  it dawned on me, that this is a way I could beautifully meld my interest in bee-keeping with my sculptural talents.

During this upcoming season of Easter, I have been inspired to sculpt small  devotional figures that I sculpting candle prototypesplan to mold and cast into fine beeswax candles.  Of course my own beeswax wouldn’t be ready yet, because I don’t have bees yet!  But I do have a bee box plan in hand, and I’m  off to purchase the lumber today.  Check out this interesting Top Bar beehive box at www.biobees.com. I’m so excited to learn about bees!

And together, with their help and the fragrance of my expanding garden, I want to offer the most beautiful, pure, artisinal candles cast with a lot of heart.  I have a million design ideas!  Please check back soon!