Commission a Sculpture

It’s easy to get a Portrait Bust into production! Check out our Gallery to see  samples.

For costs to commission a Candle Click HERE.


How much does it cost for a Bust? A 12″ tabletop bust is $650,  and a life-size bust at  19″ is $950

Does this include a base? No it does not.  Some people want them, others do not.   Here are some Base ideas with prices.

Do you need a lot of photos? Of course the more angles I have to refer to,  the closer will be the likeness.  I have done good work using  just three photos though, so it is doable.

What is the bust made out of? It will be sculpted in high-fire stoneware clay which is very durable.  If you need a piece for an outdoors public space,  the clay prototype would have to be molded, and then recast in something ultra-durable like fiberglass or bronze.  These would take longer, and the price would need to be negotiated.

How is the bust finished? You can choose a finish of your choice.  Here are some popular Finish choices.

How long will it take to be ready? It typically takes 8 weeks to be completed.  If you have a rush job,  it could possibly be accommodated depending on my work load.

Is the bust guaranteed? Yes.  Before the piece is completed, I will send you photographs and make any changes until it meets your approval.  When the piece is shipped to you it is insured against breakage, and I will always take care of the situation should a damage or loss occur.

How do I pay? You can pay by check or with a credit card through paypal.   50% of the total cost is due down to put your  piece into production, and the final 50% (plus shipping) is due when the piece is completed, ready to ship  and  meets your approval. Click here to get your portrait into commission.

How much does shipping cost? The portrait bust will ship out to you via UPS.  The cost of shipping will be:  18.85   for a small bust, and 25.95 for a life-sized bust to anywhere in the 48 states.  I will ship overseas but only via UPS which is very costly.  The international customer will need to pay the actual shipping charges.

FEEL FREE TO CALL US at any time if you are unsure of what you need in a Portrait Bust.  (618) 664-0068

IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT you can start the commission process by clicking here to make your initial deposit, and get your piece into the production line-up.


One response to “Commission a Sculpture

  1. I think your prices are reasonable. This would make someone a fine gift!!!! I enjoyed how you clearly stated how many photos you needed, etc., for the process.

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