Commission a Candle

You Imagine it BestI believe it is a unique service that I offer here at Sculpted Portrait, and I’m glad you’ve stopped by.

I am  busy creating figural statue candles of things and people that I believe fill a niche that needs filling. I do not know of any other service that offers Custom Sculpted Candles!

Whether you are looking for candles of your patron saint for church or personal use, or even needing to have created a special candle for your wedding, I can do that for you.

Perhaps your school is needing Spirit candles of your sports mascot that could  function in promoting  school spirit.  Even consider commissioning a school candle to sell as a class fundraiser.

Call or email to discuss prices. For very complex candles or extra large candles the costs will vary. For Patron Saints at 12″ tall, the cost will be: a one-time fee of $90 to have the piece sculpted and molded, and each cast candle thereafter would be $20.  Click HERE to place an order.

Remember, once the mold is made each candle will always be just $20. My hope is that you will order many of your patron saint candles through the years.  Once you see and smell one of these beautiful beeswax candles, I just bet you will!

My services are unique & REASONABLE.  IF YOU CAN IMAGINE IT…….I CAN MAKE IT!

Call or email me if you have any questions. Let’s get your idea underway!


If you know what you want, proceed to check-out and get your candle into the production line-up by Clicking Here.


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