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Step by Step Portrait

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Bust is finished in Museum White Advertisements


Each spring when I am planting annuals in my garden, I hate that moment when I must behead the new plantings. You know what I mean if you garden.

Deadheading of blossoms must be done to allow energy to be turned to root production and the development of a multi-branched plant. I know this, but plucking off the beautiful flower heads goes against all my instincts for instant gratification.

Did you know that in the production of a portrait bust in clay there is a similar painful moment?

When sculpting of the clay likeness is completed, it must be sliced in half, hollowed out, and seamlessly put back together. This hollowing out step is absolutely necessary or the piece would explode in the kiln while being fired. What a vulnerable moment though!  Weeks or even months of work could be lost in this moment.

But it’s worth it. In the end the work will be finished as lovingly as a well tended flower bush.

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Harbinger of Spring

Oh thank the good Lord, and the beautiful Ladies  that it is Spring again!  The crocus at my door  is nearly always on time, the perfect harbinger of this most encouraging of seasons.

Harbinger of SpringOn the square in downtown Greenville Illinois, there is a lovely little statue entitled “The Harbinger of Spring.” I have admired it for  years.  It was  created in the 1980’s by one of my former sculpture teachers, Ken Reyden.  Cast in bronze, this lovely lady has mellowed to a beautiful stage as only bronze can do.

She is aflame, and not corporeal, her body and stride a spirit in process. Close up, Harbinger of SpringHer face is not wholly formed, but is continually becoming; as full of possibility as the first days of spring!

Praise be!





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