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“The Statues”

The Statues by William Butler Yeats
dream statue

Pythagoras planned it. Why did the people stare?
His numbers, though they moved or seemed to move
In marble or in bronze, lacked character.
But boys and girls, pale from the imagined love
Of solitary beds, knew what they were,
That passion could bring character enough,
And pressed at midnight in some public place
Live lips upon a plummet-measured face. ~

The statue at left is a lovely lady that I have sculpted, soon to be cast as a candle. What fun to have a nude candle!

I am currently preparing the piece to be molded. CHECK BACK SOON for the finished product.


The Foliated Cross



A long time personal favorite symbol, the Foliated Cross is very ancient.  Sometimes called a “floriated cross” this crucifix form, with arms ending in leaves or encircled with living vines is a natural expression of the unstoppable force of life.

Cultures as far cast as the Mesoamerican Mayans in 690 A.D., Mayan Tablet at Palenqueand the Medieval carvers and manuscript artists of the Early Middle Ages (1,000 A.D.) incorporated this symbol into their art forms.Berkeley cross carving at Glouchester

"foliating" Greek Ionic capitalSimilarily, even the ancient Greeks as early as the 6th century  B.C. breathed Life into inanimate stone, by adding budding volutes to the ends of their Ionic Columns.

The unique Foliated Cross Candle pictured at top, is cast in a mixture of beeswax and soy,  and is available immediately for purchase  by clicking HERE.

You can order a custom-made candle in any form that YOU can imagine by contacting me at:, or by calling me at:  (618) 664-0068.

Commission A Candle

You Imagine it BestAt Sculpted Portrait we are offering a UNIQUE & REASONABLE  service!

Does your church make use of the beautiful light of many candles?  Have you considered honoring the life of your parish saint by giving them form as one of these flickering candles?   We could design this for you, and cast them in pure botanical waxes.  What a special & unique gift these hand made candles would make!

Does your school have a special theme, event  or mascot that could be promoted in a smashing! new way  through custom designed candles?

Could your wedding be made even more memorable with personal candles designed just by you?



   Face of the Virgin MaryA lilt, a tip of the head, a curve,  a sway…… these gestures give sense of life to something as humble as this gentle Virgin  candle.Virgin, back view



The ancient sculptural technique of the contropposto stance, the sense of the figure shifting its weight to one leg, imbues a feeling of both movement, grace, and relaxation to the human form.

Gesture is everything in portraiture.Three Quarter view

For more information, or to purchase this handmade candle please click HERE.



Why Beeswax?

(BSH11) Sacred Heart Candle $20

(BSH11) 11" h x 3.5" w x 3" d

$20  Sacred Heart Candle.  Click HERE to purchase.

1.  I love the smell of beeswax!  I keep some close to my bedside because the fragrance is so relaxing.

2.  Beeswax candles burn without smoking, as paraffin candles do. Who wants to breathe in a petroleum based product like paraffin, anyways?

3. Beeswax candles burn longer than paraffin candles.

4.  Certain religious traditions favor the use of devotional candles cast in beeswax because the rich substance typifies well,  the blessed body of Christ,  born of the Virgin Mary.

5.  It takes a lot of bee work to create beeswax so it is a costly material.  I have blended a mixture of 1/2 beeswax & 1/2 soy wax (an all plant product) to cast my candles, allowing me to keep the prices reasonable.  You can request your candle to be cast in PURE  beeswax if you would prefer, for an extra $8.

Side view, Sacred Heart Candleback view, Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart

sacred-heart-tinI was born and raised a Protestant girl, but I have been drawn for many years now to the touching symbolism of the Sacred Heart.  According to Wikipedia:  “The Sacred Heart is a religious devotion to Jesus‘s physical heart as the representation of divine love for humanity.”

As a novice beekeeper I have been intrigued with the shape of the natural honeycomb that bees build.  It reminds me of the Sacred Heart!  comb from the Barefoot Beekeeper

Soon I will make available candles cast in a natural mixture  of beeswax and soy.  The first candle beeing offered is the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  It only seems fitting to me.   Here is a glimpse of the clay prototype, nearly completed. Please check back  for the finished product!  It will be available in both Natural and Detailed Colors.