Welcome to the Sculpted Portrait, a portrait bust service with spirit!

working-on-eagleWho are we? As a child growing up in Quito, Ecuador, offspring of missionary parents, my favorite play things, were frogs, sticks and mud. Here I am years later still favoring sticks and mud! And, I have a fat and happy bullfrog that makes his home in my basement.

My Bachelors degree in Art was obtained from Greenville College, Greenville, IL. My  Masters degree in Sculpture is from Northern Illinois University, and a second MA also was attained from Northern Illinois,  for the love of Pre-Columbian Art History.

Professionally,  I have taught college art as an adjunct  for over 20 years. For the past 6 years I  have worked as the  sculptor for one of the largest online statuary companies in the US. Among the statues that I have created are a 9 foot tall fountain for a Dr.’s office, a concrete eagle for the top of an old Post Office,  and portrait busts of a distinguished councilman, and for a reality TV series.

I welcome any  inquiries about having a portrait bust commissioned.  No question is too big, or small.

(photo used with permission by Statue.com)


or call (618) 664-0068

Lydia Shalanko

3 responses to “About

  1. Ruth Faith Erdel

    May your God given talent bring you joy and success.


  2. You are one awesome person, may the fates smile upon your art!

  3. sculptedportrait

    Thanks Friends!

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