The Foliated Cross



A long time personal favorite symbol, the Foliated Cross is very ancient.  Sometimes called a “floriated cross” this crucifix form, with arms ending in leaves or encircled with living vines is a natural expression of the unstoppable force of life.

Cultures as far cast as the Mesoamerican Mayans in 690 A.D., Mayan Tablet at Palenqueand the Medieval carvers and manuscript artists of the Early Middle Ages (1,000 A.D.) incorporated this symbol into their art forms.Berkeley cross carving at Glouchester

"foliating" Greek Ionic capitalSimilarily, even the ancient Greeks as early as the 6th century  B.C. breathed Life into inanimate stone, by adding budding volutes to the ends of their Ionic Columns.

The unique Foliated Cross Candle pictured at top, is cast in a mixture of beeswax and soy,  and is available immediately for purchase  by clicking HERE.

You can order a custom-made candle in any form that YOU can imagine by contacting me at:, or by calling me at:  (618) 664-0068.


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