Portrait by Richard W. Bock

Portrait by Richard W. BockRichard W. Bock was renowned as Frank Lloyd Wright’s primary sculptor.  I often go to the            Bock Museum (which we are lucky to have right here in Greenville, Illinois) when I want a little portrait inspiration.

My favorite portrait is this elegant woman, finished in pea soup green!  Who knew how lovely a green finish could be?  Besides the grace of the elongated  form, and the unusual finish color, I have admired the way Bock sculpted this base. 

At Sculpted Portrait we can finish off your portrait bust any way that you can imagine.  As you can see, the best bases are often sculpted as an integral part of the piece.

Feel free to call and just chat if you are unsure of exactly what you want in terms of finish or base  for the portrait you are needing.

(618) 664-0068


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